dear Zhenya and Dima

zhenja fix cars. ladas. dima is work in office and is COOL (he say).

Hello from Kiev

So it is like this. When I quit with Dima (he say he quit with me, but he lied becuas it is he spill bear on girls breests and I sayed that’s it, you are big sheet, I am done with you). He say he is heartbroken and he sended me flowers but they was only plastic ones from combini and I am hard of stomach and I say no. A Sunday on Kreschatik, I show silver high heels in Prada, $800, I say “those very sexy, look good with my black dress in Maximym”, but he say “Yeah” and we leave store, man he is thick. Then he is calling me but I am blocking all calls.

Then  Zhenya, he say “can I listen to your trubles”, and of corse this means “can I have sexual intercorse now Dima is gone” and I know this but he take me to Barsky and he buy me much champagne, and it is French not from Krimea so I am silly girl and drink one maybe two bottles, and next morning I have had sexual intercorse in many interesting positons but no one has heard my trubles.

And now I am late with my periods, and Dima bastid is in West (he don’t say where, bastid, but I bet it is London or Paris or something rich, and he get fat) and Zhenya, he in Australia, probably making love to kangaroo ha ha. If someone reading this blog know where they are please pull out hair and send to me so I can find out who is father and make him pay for baby. It is due in August, so waste of time Sveta getting new summer dress in tiny size, I will borrow tent from babushka.


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I very angry to myself. missing men day

jaaajjjaaa…. it holiday. День захисника Вітчизни defender faterland day.

this time on australia it is late. it so very more than ukraina i forget that yesterday is being MENS DAY.

I stupid bastad.

mmens day is very importat day for ukraina becaus ladys are being so happy. they are making for the men brekfast in the bed or on sofa. or even on toilet. this is what mama call recipe for happy love with lady. letting her do all work for man.

but in australa there no men with me to celebrate mans day. i cannont find ukrainan man, byelorussian man or even russan man to guest with so his wife can make me blinchiki. i was going to post office to ask if mama send some vereninki but nyet. bastad.

but because now still yesterday in ukraina i rin up work today and say ‘hay man zhenya so cool bastad but not is comin on work today. he is man and it is very important man day in ukraina’. then i put up the phone so bossman is not saying to zhenya ‘no lazy bastad. working you must do’.

and so. now i order pitza and i am asking for lady to bring pitza to house from pitza shop. and then it is feeling like mens day. bastad.

but you know. it is pissink off me becos ladys day they have holiday for official. but mens day we have to ask for sick holiday so we can really jave the fun on the day. bastad.

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yo! readers it’s dima back

That zhenya is bad influence. He doesn’t wanna say why he in Australia but I know he is doing no good stuff and I suppose he don’t want to talk about his bad business in Kyiv which is concerning taxi mafia which is running from Borispyl and so I think Zhenya is staying in Australia for many years.  My baboushka says me it is a good place for criminalists.

For me, I am in European country in rich city making some money which is sending to mama in home for helping paying gas bills and somestuffs like that. Why I am moving? Because Dima is ambition, successful and must working on international company to make experiences. Of course is the nice girls here also. In fact I play a game on you – you must know my country by the girls I am writing of.

I give you more next time because now I must make preparation to see a nice girl tonight.

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It is being long time since posting.

khello bastads.

it is long time since i been posting on this blog.

Much new been happening for zhenya and dima. I zhenya did moving to australia. this very big move,i coming to australia to drive taxi and meet some ladys in australia. in time for international ladys day but is  ok i don’t haf girlfriend and i not living near mama too so i haf nothing to do on international ladys day. i will sending money to papa and he will buying mama flower and maybe good tea.

and i sending money to papa to buy big bottle of vodka so he is not too sad after working ladys work all day. ladys work is making peope sad. lucky i am good man and i always wip toilet seat.

that is new.s dima too is moving away from ukraina. he happy but he haf good job with lots of moneys. luky bastad.

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hello, is sveta here about red beevers

Hello, that Dima, he is bastid and he asks me to write blog for him becuase he is damned lazy bastid too. I am called Sveta and I  am damn sexy girlfriend but I am finished with Dima because if he thinks he smile at pritty girl and after then he dropping frothy bear down her breests is accident then I am saying I am not born yesterday, no way man. Look below this is what I look like and this is what Dima is missing now, hey, like that you bastid?



Zhenya, he is OK, but he talk to much like after when Dima in Odessa visit grandma, there is no need to mention what we do, jist little kiss mean nothing to Sveta, no way. Mean nothing to Dima if he don’t know, then he never have to punch Zhenya, that’s my opinyion.


And that is brother beside me, not boyfriend. Holding me a bit clouse, ok. Yes, I do have brother really. OK this is, friend who is like a brother, never kiss. Well, only small one on Laydys Day. He bring me red rose not like Dima who is mean bastid and bring plastic flower from aunties house.


So I have to anser question from Gorilla. Is good nicname, it mean you have big arms and herry chest, hey, Gorilla? If you in Kyiv and Dima maybe in Odesa you call me, hey. I know good places.


So Gorilla, he ask Dima if he know girls with red furry beever. This is silly qestion, all beevers are furry unless they Brazilian beever, no? As for red, most laydies in Ukraine are having red hair and matching cufflinks, you say no? Unless they babushka, when collars and cufflinks are both grey, but who cares?



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fanatics clothes

elena ask me to talk bout most fantatic clothes for girl to be wearing on date. and enidd ask what to cooking for girl if she come to my place. thanks elena enidd bastad!

i do nt mind what girl ware on dates it is all fine to me. as sure she is looking pretty and hot. i do like no bra it is good fashan. and it like to see some fur in winter that is red and maybe too black. but it is more important that girl is short than me and she loves me and say ohh zhenya you are handsome. then i will will buy her dinner and a flower.

about what to cooking. this is easy. i just say to mama that she must cook for me. ukraine men do not know what cooking is. and on internetional ladys day on 8 march i buy some mcdonalds so not cooking too! but it is good not to haf girl friend on 8 march international ladys day.

hopeing this is helpful answer. bye bastads!

DIMA SAYS: Zhenya my friend you have some good ideas today.  For fashion clothes for I like for date is low, short, high. This is meaning low blouses, short skirt, high stilets.  here is nice picture to guiding ladies, I think specially for Enid and she can know what stockings is good.

For food – yes McDonal is good, is nice or Pizata Huta – anyway you must have food quick then you are having more time for date party!

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a qyestion of fashian

our new frend enidd left message for me to answer about fashian. tihs is better for me to answer because dima dress like dyevushka girl all of the time ha ha!

here is enidd qustion.

enidd would like to ask about the current fashions in kyyivv. she’s visiting kkyiiv in september and she’d like to know what kind of stockings she should wear with her new lime green mini skirt.

first endd if you are visit then i can drive you from airport with very good price. i think 150 grn. say yes yes!

next about fashun. i don not think yo ushould wearing stockings. why do you want? september is nice time to be viisitng in kyyiww and if you wear no stocking then you will be little cold. you skin will me nice and pink and pretty and your eyes go shiney and then! you will be saying yes to go on date with me zhenya. do you want? please. if you staying long enough maybe to october you wont need stocking any more but fur coat and i no nice place who will pay me commisiion 🙂 then i can take you on more dates. i think this is good idea thanks enidd. good qestion.

if enidd not happy with ansers maybe this is qestion for dima perhpas?

DIMA SAYS: I am so glad to be seeing this answers from Zhenya – my friend where are you been hiding man?  Don’t you know fashions?  Enid yes you must must must wear stockings – this is very nice.  Any stockings is good – just being sure to wear them so tops is showing.  This is Kyiv style.

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qestion from anymouse

a lady called anymouse left meessage for me. oyy i have date from blog! i hope this is making dima vbery envy with green. here is qestion from anymouse.

Hey, I have a question: I’m in Ukraine at the moment. Do you fancy meeting up for a drink?

How about Decadence House?

ohh anymouse. maybe you knwo how hansum i am and is why you aking me on date? cool lady! but please be rememrbbing i only drive a lada and am only taksist. so only i can have drink with you if you being paying for drink because dec house is very lots of money. but YES!

plase be wearing short skirt and very tall shoes becase that is what i like. and also maybe if you like hav you long hair at back and i will know you. it is exciting to have date. shoul it be tomorrow? what hour? please not be telling dima he will try to impress you with his cool shoes. bye anymouse and thanks bastad!

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cabbig and ladys in ukraine

hey hoouses (that being like rappas – they saying hey housey!)

we get more questions to blog. this time from funny man in austria called mr tree. but he not talking nemetsky or jerman he talking english. being from austrya cool bastad. can you ski mr tree?

here is question mr tree is aksing,

I have a question you bastards. Do Ukrainian girls smell like cabbage? I only ask because I’m meeting a Ukrainian girl for dinner tonight, and I don’t like eating vegetables.

hey mr tree bastad. good queston bastad! firstly ukrinaian girls are not smelling like cabbige. but it don not matter any because even if you are smelling cabbige you are not having to eat it! unless you meaning to say not meeting but ‘i am EATING ukrainian girl for dinner tonight and i don’t like eating vegetables’. in that case i am thinking you go to jaoil so please can you write down your addres in the comments and i will send the militsia to visit you? the be nice i promis. thanks mr tree!

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How many times can a Ukranian man have sex in one night?

DIMA SAYS: hello my friends.  It’s nice, we are having so many many questions.  Zhenya is taking small rest for moment in his taxi and I reply first to one question.  So!  A gorilla was writing to us “How many times can a Ukranian man have sex in one night?”  Strange, in Ukraine we don’t know gorilla is writing, hmm but you know there is prime minister so, maybe (like brown gordon in Great Britain?). Yah, so, to answer question.  I think many Ukrainian men gives many answers but for me, its depending on the girls. How many girls can I find in one night is how many times I have sex in one night.  We Ukrainian men are strong, passion, fit.  We like gym, to make musculation so we are strong for these kinds of exercises.  Maybe on a monday is quiet so 2 girls, but friday? Wow!  It is celebration – all girls are are party party and I am lucky on friday.  Maybe one girls for one hour.  How is this comparing to Mr Gorilla?  Maybe you can share us your experiences.

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